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The Issue/Solution Repository (ISR) contains hundreds of issues every project manager encounters doing their job.


Get to your issue and resolution fast without the distractions of promotional messaging and inefficiency of multiple layouts. FindItFast delivers what you need in a clear, quickly digestible and consistent format.

Peer Crafted Content

Every piece of content is developed, vetted and approved by experienced project managers. FYI - FindItFast is also not a robotic collection of blind links. Each link is researched and reviewed for applicability to the issue at hand.

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If you need a quick solution to a pressing project management issue and don't have the time to slog through endless forum postings or generalized web searches, FindItFast is for you.

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Why We Built FindItFast

Project Managers face constant challenges to act quickly and decisively. But even experienced PMs  encounter situations where how to resolve an issue may not be readily apparent or known. The typical response is to launch a browser and start searching the web.

While getting an answer this way does work, it is a slow, iterative process, loaded with lots of extra work for the PM: 

  1. constructing the original search, 
  2. reviewing the search results, 
  3. selecting likely candidates, 
  4. reading the candidate posts, 
  5. ignoring the ones that don't apply, and 
  6. then fashioning a solution. 

If you watched the video you know all of this takes time to perform. Time the PM could (and probably should) be investing elsewhere. 

FindItFast gives the PM a shortcut.

FindItFast gets PMs what they need to know in a fraction of the time by providing a repository of issues and solutions that have  been researched, curated and tagged. 

All with the goal of rapidly providing a best practice set of prescriptive steps to follow or modify.

“I've been managing projects, programs and teams for over 15 years. FindItFast is the only tool I know of that puts workable action plans to address common problems in front of you in literally seconds.”

Hank Birkdale

Head of Engineering, LendKey Technologies |Colonel, USAF (Retired) 

FindItFast is free because Exertus, Inc. covers the infrastructure and administrative costs to maintain and enhance the site. 

And because Exertus, Inc. creates tools specifically for project managers, you can expect to receive (only from us) what we hope is a non-intrusive amount of marketing messages about other offerings (free and not-free) we're confident you'll find useful. 

That said, we don't like getting messages about things we don't need or want anymore and we think you probably feel the same. If you find yourself in this position, cancel your subscription at any time and all direct communication from us will stop. 

And while it should go without saying, we do not share, sell, rent or otherwise divulge your name or email address.

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